PAL-Option ?? --- 89 MHZ AGP ?? -- please help


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I have two questions about the Radeon.

1) Because there is no RADEON available in Germany by now, I want to order online from USA. BUT it is important for me to know, if the US-Radeon (ViVo) has a PAL option in the multimedia-drivers, or does VIVO only work with NTSC ?
I know the Theatre-chip is able to do PAL, because I use the Fury Pro ViVo at the moment. And I´m sure, that there will be a German ViVo card with the same Theatre-chip, US cards use.
Is there an option to switch between PAL and NTSC with the actuall US-RADEON-Drivers as I can do now with my Fury ??
With other words: Could any US-Radeon-ViVo-User be so kind to look if he could change to PAL with the actuall drivers ??? Would be great help for me!

2) Any experience with the Radeon 64 MB ViVo or the Radeon all-in-wonder when using AGP at higher clockspeed with BX133 boards like Abit BE6 II? Because of my Coppermine 800 EB I must be sure, that the Radeon will reach 89 Mhz AGP.
Positive and negative experiences are very welcome.

Hope you could help me.
I don't think there are differences, because the same applied to several dv-video-cards, which were much cheaper in the us than here in germany. I'm talking $500 - 1000 here! BUT, any dealer I asked in the us who had these cards at these prices, was not allowed to ship outside the us. :(

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