Pac-Man 99

Jet Black

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Surprised there is no Pac-Man 99 thread. This thing dropped unbeknownst to me yesterday and I have honestly been having a good time. Free if you have the Nintendo online service, but Bamco is asking for quite a bit to unlock the extra game types and skins. Not sure the money is necessary as the game itself is pretty good already.

Just FYI in case you haven't seen this or have been avoiding the 99-type games.
Yea just got an email for this and set it to download last night. Will play it a bit, $30 for everything seems kind of steep when you can just play it for free.
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I gave it a go last night and it was an interesting take on it.
Almost like an endless round just cuz you dont stop at all once you gobble up the pellets. I couldnt tell if and when they regenerate.

But its satisfying having a long ghost train to wakka wakka.

I wonder what Nintendo/partner will think of next for the next 99 style game.