P&R Message Area is broken


Jackass Extraordinaire
So in the P&R forum, anytime I try to use any button functions in the 'Message:' area it does not work on Edge or in Chrome. I can still manually code the commands and they function after that. But all of the buttons in the 'Message:' area including the 'Smiles' are non-functional.

For example, if I were to hit the 'Quote' button or the 'Insert Image' button it does nothing. Same for the emojis. They don't work in the P&R forums.

The 'Message:' area seems to function in all other areas though...

It's really strange.
What am I doing wrong....

You'd think that if it didn't work on 2 different browsers... Edge and Chrome are both funky.

Let me look into it more on my end then...
Hmmm. It seems to be working now.

It's doing it again. No buttons work when I try to reply. I'll press the post button and it'll set there for like a minute and then do nothing.

If I refresh the page a lot, it then kicks in and works. Strange thing is that it is not allowing me to post either. And it's just in the P&R still.

It looks like the td.panelsurround wasn't fully loading for whatever reason. The images were loading but the code that was in the class 'panelsurround' wasn't populating for some weird reason. The page looks to be constantly loading panelsurround. That's why I can't seem to post from time to time.

So odd.
I think I have found something.

So, I can sometimes successfully post but it takes a few minutes for the page to load.

When it is successful it says it's waiting for api.viflink.com, Takes about 10 to 20 seconds, then the page is saying 'establishing secure connection' and sitting there another 30 seconds to 2 minutes, then I show that the connection isn't secure and that the site doesn't have a valid certificate.

Then sometimes I simply can't post.

When it is unsuccessful it just sits there at 'establishing secure connection' and does nothing. I can type in the message box but hitting the preview or post buttons does nothing.
By the way, this seems to ONLY happen in the P&R for some reason.

Does the P&R check some database to allow users in? Also could that database be degrading?
This has been an ongoing thing for me across all forums for some time now, but it’s very rare and never lasts long. I never have nailed down the issue. Multiple browsers as well.