Out with the old, in with the new...


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Despite the Rivian being great, I decided I am not much of a truck person. Due to this, as well as an effort to eliminate some debt, I traded it in on a brand new 2023 BMW M240i xDrive on Friday.

So far I am really enjoying it






That is a fun little car. If they didn't screw up the front end so badly compared to 2022, I was also considering it at some point. Congrats.
Niiice....always liked the 2's. They didnt ruin it much unlike the rest of the lineup with their gargantuan pig snouts and kia styling (ironically kia styling is by former german manufacturer designers lol). That's probably the last "pure" BMW DNA'd car they make now. Everything else in their lineup seems to have gone in a more mainstream and less BMW-like direction.
I probably could look into it as an upgrade over my Toyota 86, but I think i'm done with 2 door coupes now, especially small ones (even if the 2 isnt particularly small). Need bigger back seat and easier access now. Looking to get into 4 series gran coupe (dunno which year, prefer the older one without the pignose) at some point in the future.
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Do you like the different screen sizes next to each other. My OCD runs wild seeing BMW change screen sizes of two screens next to each other. I know there is a camera tracking etc but damn what a poor implementation.