Other plugins don't show up as Programmable buttons


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When you first start the Remote Wonder software, the tab Program is selected and it lists the programmable buttons, and what you can assign to those buttons.

One option, at the bottom of the list, is PowerPoint (plugin) and Winamp (plugin) - these plugins come with the s/w.

But when I import other plugins, they don't show up below these first two plugins.

Take the PowerDVD plugin. If want to assign it to button B, so when I press button B, Power DVD starts and loads the key associations for PowerDVD.

But I can't seem to get it to work like that.

Am I doing something wrong?

it has to be specially programmed in the plugin for stuff to appear in those boxes. it's a completely different function that has to be coded than anything that would appear in the "Config" menus.

so the short answer.. you're doing nothing wrong, whoever codes the plugin has to put special info in the code to have it appear in the menu you're talking about.
Ok, thanks for the explanation!

Anyone been thinking about doing a plugin for Listen.com's Rhapsody music service? It'd be great to be able to step through the playlists you've set up in the Rhapsody client.