original AIW as secondary video card


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I have a P3 system with a S3 Savage2000 for its video card. I also have an original AIW PCI card. I don't want to have dual monitors, but I would like to install the AIW so the P3 can also have TV abilities without having to buy anything else. Can the original AIW be used in this way?

**Note: Because the All-in-Wonder is designed for Windows 95 and Windows 98, it will function as a graphics-only card under other Operating Systems.

So if you are using Windows 95 or Windows 98 then yes it may work in your system.

Since you don't need dual monitor support then the S3 Savage2000 needs to be disabled first. If this is onboard graphics you may or may not have an option in the BIOS to actually remove the card from usage. Still as long as you set the BIOS to init the first PCI video device instead of the first AGP video device you should be fine.

The original All-In-Wonder must be setup as the main video device.