Ordered TV Wonder 650--Which Remote to Get?


New member
I just ordered the TV Wonder 650, and understand that there's a coupon in it that I can use to order a "free" Remote Wonder (+ S&H), and that I can choose to receive either the standard Remote Wonder Plus or a special version that is optimized for MCE.

I already have the AIW X1900, which came with the standard Remote Wonder Plus, so I don't really need another one (and have an older Remote Wonder in case I need a backup). But I'm not running MCE and have no plan on upgrading to it, so is there any advantage to having the MCE version of the Remote Wonder Plus on an XP Pro SP2 system?

I do plan on upgrading to some version of Vista when it comes out, though. Will the MCE version of the Remote Wonder Plus work better with Vista than the standard version of the Remote Wonder Plus?