OnePlus 8 Pro - pricing


Noli timere messorem
WTF is going on? The price for the 8 Pro is going through the roof in the last few weeks. It was as low as 750€ at the start of december and is now at 930/950€ and still climbing.

Did i miss something?
What's the MSRP?

the MSRP (at the start) was 999€ as alomst every other so called flagship. Of course no one ever paid that much. It hovered around 800 most of the time at various stores, got as low as 730 at some points and as high as 850. Now it's almost 970.

I'm just irritated that they didn't lower the price to sell more units, instead the price went completely through the roof resulting in way less sales.

But hey, maybe that's just me
Another question for ragers who have/had a OnePlus, are there any wooden bumper cases for them? I kinda like the look of stuff like the ones from Timber&Jack, but sadly there are none for the Oneplus.