Omega/Plutonium XK1.0.71b (with new OpenGL ICD, for Win2K/XP - June 1, 2002)

Argh. Just finished installing win2k and the XK1.0.71a's. Ah well, the only difference is the new opengl driver right?
Hey can anyone help me choosing between Plutonium X43 and XK1.0.71a ??? I know one is based on 6043 and the other on 6071. But which one is better (performance/stability) ?
Since the only change (according to the readme) is using the updated OGL driver, can anyone think of any reason why you wouldn't just run the ATI patch that adds the new ICD if you already have the x31 drivers?


Nope, this is only useful to newly formatted machines, but hey format C: is the most used command on windows machines or is it....JFIUDEHFUIEFEFHIUHFHEHFEU47747//(&...stupid machine :o

:P :D :D :) ;)
i'll choose 6071

i'll choose 6071

Well I've been using 6071 from plut and later on the omega/plut driver sets and they have been that fastets I've ever used and i have had none stability problems.
Helping Cyborg bump them, these things are good, help games like RTCW and other OpenGL games, go for them. (Save u install time when u reboot, hehe)
At first, i didnt trusted this drivers, and would stick to the regulars,

but after i tried, i must say that this drivers are infact better from all directions!!!

good work! and thanx!

(but most of the people dont really need all the little programs that come with the drivers, and i ahve 56k modem, and rage3d tweaker already installd)
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OK, but I like the drivers the way they are, so the utilities that come with the drivers, will probably keep coming with them. Sorry, I am on 56K too, but thats what I like...
And what about the DVD hardware accelerating?
It's screwed up in the 6071 driver (poor quality, not working subtitles and menu buttons)...
I'm still using the 6058 driver becouse of this.
ati's fault

ati's fault

well taht would be ATI's fault, Cyborg From Red and Omega can change inside the drivers, they don't have the sourcecode for them :(
With PowerDVD XP, the hardware accelleration was partially fixed in 6071, if you are using it with 6058, it isn't using hardware accelleration, therefore, if you use 6071 and disable hardware acceleration, you will be at the same state as 6058.