Okay... I'm stumped... need help!


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I am running WinXP, DirectX 8.1 SDK installed, Radeon 8500.

Here is the situation...
I am rendering a character inside of a large room using Direct3D.

When using Software vertex processing everything renders fine.

When using the Reference rasterizer everything renders fine.

If I switch to Hardware vertex processing and render in Wireframe everything renders fine.

When I use Hardware vertex processing + solid rendering the screen flickers, only small parts of the character get rendered, and some parts of the room are not drawn.

Now it gets very strange..
If I move the "camera" around the room, and keep it in motion, the room is rendered correctly. When I stop, everything goes whacky again.

I am thinking that this is a driver bug, as I installed my Radeon64 and the problem was gone. But it could very well be my fault. If any of you have any ideas I would be glad to here them.
If you havent yet, run it with the DirectX runtime control panel set to Debug mode. Sometimes artifacts like this are caused by the min index being wrong, or the vertex stride mismatching the FVF or stream declaration. Look at the SDKs for help.

If that doesnt help, try posting some code up here for others to see or sending it to [email protected]
Thanks for the reply!

After reading your post I followed your advice to take a look at my vertex buffer FVFs and creation flags. I was using the creation flag D3DPOOL_MANAGED instead of D3DPOOL_DEFAULT. Thanks for the help, all is well now. ( Don't quite understand why D3DPOOL_MANAGED doesn't work though ).

31,136 triangles rendered at 207 fps at 1024x768x32... 6,445,152 tps WhooHoo!... and its not even optimized yet, I'm using 254 seperate vertex buffers! one for each object. I'm fixing that next.
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