Official Vega Thread

You may be able to get away with it, but if its x64 you will need to use an unsigned driver and disable driver signature enforcement.
For all the RX VEGA owners out there, can you please tell me whether VEGA can be unofficially used with Windows 8.1 x64 with Windows 7 x64 drivers?

I've searched for a clear and concise answer on this, but no luck. If yes, can you additionally speak to following:

1. Can the drivers be installed using the installer or manually?
2. How's the Radeon Settings control panel support?
3. Any features that are missing/not supported in the drivers on Win8.1?

I'm aware AMD ended official support for W8.1. However, they state that Windows 7 drivers can be used but are not 'officially supported'.

My 7950 is long in the tooth. Having skipped Fury, I'm eager to upgrade to an AIB VEGA 56, once they become available. Having a clear answer on this subject will confirm or deny my fears.

Thanks in advance.

Scroll down the page and under RX vega driver section there are two entries windows 10 x64 and and and .... windows 7 x64
It's intersting that for some of the cards there is a windows 8.1 x64 but not for the "latest" rx500 and vega..I suppose AMD acknowledged officially that it still need to support windows 7 x64.This is your official answer. :D
Very nice syncronicity that Win7 x64 was brought up in discussion...

Driven by Chinese PUBG Players, Windows 7 Now Most popular OS on Steam

This has nothing to do with RX Vega or it's owners, should be in the OS section or maybe even the gaming section, so why is it here? However, it is all due to China and PuBG, the question is, how many are legit copies and how many are pirated? When China makes PuBG illegal, is it going to show a drastic drop because those players won't be there anymore using windows 7 (legit or pirated)?
Almost tempted by it...

That being said, I'm afraid this is a sign that Vega is probably not selling that well (honestly, why would it be?) and Newegg is trying to dump excess inventory.

If it had a custom cooler, maybe... not interested in another 300w hairdryer.
not in 4k or worst case at any resolutions

True, but the gap between both cards at 4K all settings maxed which is usually around ~10 Fps means that if it isn't playable on the slower card ( Vega ), it also isn't playable on the 1080Ti either, which is the real world advantage potential buyers look for, not just a higher number for the sake of being higher on benchmarks.

I still will work on the same double or nothing principle......Twice as fast as anything out now, to allow smooth Game play on settings that would kill a Pascal or Vega, and make them no better than a slide show.......Wake me up in 2~3 years from now.

Vega Liquid Frontier Card, 16GB= $799 right now at Newegg.

Nice price drop, but that's in the USA and I'd pay for exchange rate, duty and shipping.......It would still be 1300 ~1400$ Canadian for each card, and adding 600 to 800$ extra between both cards over the liquid cooled 8GB versions.

The air cooled frontier is still 1279$ at Newegg in Canada and has been at that price for a few months now.....:bleh: