Official PlayStation 5 thread

I had to fight bots online for months to finally score one. Glad I did. But it was annoying.
also, where is Little Devil Inside? Almost 7 years in development.

So, who's buying PSVR2 ? I got my pre-order (the Horizon: Call of the Mountain bundle) as soon as it went up. I just preorderd Moss book 2 (first one was awesome, would've liked to buy the bundle remake but I was already buying...) Kayak VR Mirage and Resident Evil Village. I figured, that's enough for the start I still have my vr1 hooked up for Beat Saber and the boatload of games I got for it. Might sell it later with the PS4 depending on the games coming up to the 2... Beat Saber, I don't get why it's not a day 1 availability...
I might buy one some day, if I have time and $$ to burn. Everyone says it's great.. I'm still skeptical about going back to wired VR, but I'd love to try out those wide-fov OLEDs.
FF16 full release is 6.22.2023 or this coming Thursday. First act is cutscene heavy. But if the game is anything like the demo the game might capture goty.
It seems be pretty promising, it is a bit funny to see how anime it is while still trying to be Game of thrones, they really need to reduce the motion blur for the final version though, it is way too overdone, you basically cant see shit when you pan the camera.
My gaming PC died, so I picked up Cyberpunk 2077 for PS5. I am really surprised on how nice and smooth it plays. And it looks good. Comparable image quality on what I got on my 2070. Performance mode is great. My PC struggled with the old version and almost never gave me 60 FPS. PS5 + Cyberpunk 2.0 works much better. The games still have its share of bugs. But they aren't everywhere. I was a little disappointed when on the very first quest I accidentally get into the car with Jackie from the passenger side. This caused a glitch where Jackie disappeared, and the quest is dead. Needed to reload back a save to start over. Seen a few more glitches since but overall, the game is much improved. CDPR did a great job with the branching storylines as I am seeing a bunch of new content I never ran into before. This playthrough, without all the constant glitches, is really making me realize that this could have been such a great game. It so much more immersive and I can play a quest for hours and time flies by. I like it as a shooter/action game. It does have an interesting story and some great characters. Now that it is not annoying me with bugs anymore, I'll probably spend a ton of time exploring everything Night City has to offer. Here is a video comparing the visuals between a 4080 and a PS5. Obviously, the 4080 looks much better. But the video does show how well the PS5 does in comparison:

If you already have one ,not sure why to get the Slim. Looks great if you don’t have one already.
Yeah, unless you want something smaller it is pointless to get one, it has the same power draw as the tall boy so it isn't going to be cooler and quieter.