Official PC Gaming Deals Thread


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From time to time I see some good deals for pc games, so I thought about starting a thread where we can all post these deals and share it with the community.;)
ET: QUAKE WARS $19.99 @ Best Buy

ET: QUAKE WARS $19.99 @ Best Buy


Its in the weekly add this morning, seems like a pretty good deal to me.
The Orange Box $29.99 @ Amazon *today only!*

The Orange Box $29.99 @ Amazon *today only!* is offering The Orange Box for $29.99 shipped! Rumor has it that this is a one day deal, so snooze may equal lose!

Visit Rage3D Deals for the details!
Can you put a note or something in the first post to tell us where the newest added deals are?

Top of listing or bottom of post?? That would be helpful I think. Thanks for listening.


I lost my UT2k4 disk. only one left is the play disc. :(

I had also compiled them all into 1 DVD...and thats gone as well. And naturally, that means I lack a CD key as well! GAH! :(

Re-purchasing I guess...thankfully only 12$ from newegg + free shipping. :D
Just noticed on STEAM 2 World is only 10 dolla this weekend only. That's 75% off and making me actually think of picking it up at that extreme discount price.