Official AMD Ryzen 5000 Series & 7000 Series Thread

All manufacturers have released bioses. Also doesn’t seem to be limited to X3D. Too early to tell what’s what but a bios upgrade should limit voltages which is required now. Also it is not DRAM voltage. It is set of other voltages that expo was messing up.

Safe thing to do would be update bios and pray.
Picked up a 7950X3D a couple weeks ago and have found it to be an interesting beast. Some games perform much better with CCD1 disabled, while others perform much better with both CCD's enabled. Some perform better with core affinity set to cores 0-15, but differently than as if a single CCD was enabled. Some run best at default settings. Process Lasso and power plan profiles are a must for this chip when it comes to gaming.

It's been a lot of trial and error but I don't mind the tinkering, you can really get some great performing configurations depending on the game. I definitely wouldn't recommend it for people that just want to plug and play, there's a lot of performance left on the table by default, and often the default configuration is slower than a single CDD if you don't tweak it. There are swings of over 50% depending on the profile per game.

In any case I have it in a pretty good place at the moment with the few games I have installed, it's exceptionally quick.
Rationale for buying a 7950? Last time you were the one telling me I made a grave mistake for buying a 5900X.

Why not get a 7800X3D instead?
Only because I saw some games benefit from more cores. I would not recommend it I can't believe AMD released a product in such a state tbh. As usual, good hardware but shit software. There is so much performance left on the table by default it's not funny. Even when setting profiles, there is no particular rhyme or reason. One game will perform faster on single CCD, while another will perform faster with 0-15 affinity which should be similar, but clearly they are not. Each game is a crap shoot as to what performs best. The good news is, when you find an optimal config for a game, it performs first class.
I installed the latest .181 bios from MSI and it sets my SOC to 1.35v on my 7950X. Which is higher than the recommended 1.3v but I think this is mainly due to 3DVC having issues with voltage and heat again. I'm not worried about it to be honest, the x series seems to be fine under 1.4v and the 3dvc runs into problems over 1.3v. I've been using 50GB of system ram all day long for months with it at this setting and I have had no problems. The boot times are still trash on my system and I have run into instability issues on the latest bios if it doesn't train the memory on boot for some reason. The boot times remain my only complaint.

I don't think I would want to jump through hoops with the 7950X3D to be honest but if they improve their software so that you don't have to optimize the CPU for each video game then I will consider a 16+ core 3D CPU in the future. Going with less than 16 cores isn't going to happen in my system as I need the extra cores for non gaming purposes.
We have been able to reproduce a catastrophic failure resulting in the motherboard self-immolating while we were running external current logging, thermography, and direct VSOC leads to a DMM. The issue involves incompetence on many levels. Video script being finalized now. This video has taken us all week to do. We stepped off a plane from AMD HQ (unrelated, but convenient timing) on Tuesday and immediately set to work. It has been a time-consuming, expensive, physically exhausting process and we've loved every minute of it. The team is thrilled to have a real result and successful root-cause analysis that goes layers beyond "it's SOC voltage," because it's not that simple. We appreciate your support in viewing the video when it launches, because that's the real reward for our tired team. Keep an eye out and share it wide. Thank you!

Looks like gamersnexus has an upcoming video that will be pretty interesting.
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I hope someone makes a 2 min summary of their video as I can’t stand their videos and repetitive script. Maybe they should use chat gpt to reduce words and unnecessary bull crap that he keeps on speaking about. I will watch the videos about the GN video.
Concerning yes. Guy desperately needs edits and TLDRs in his video. Keeps repeating himself over and over.

40 mins wasted of my life.

Biggest concern for me is that I never turn off my PC. I was worried about 4090 for a while but then it was fine. A 7800X3D is sufficient safety risk to avoid for now. Maybe a new version might be better.
I didn't have time to watch it all but is the soc voltage cap of 1.3v sufficient to resolve this, or are there other factors at play?
I guess that depends on the board, the crosshair hero put ~1.4v through the cpu at 1.35v in the GN video, so 1.3 on an asus board could still be risky.
I didn't have time to watch it all but is the soc voltage cap of 1.3v sufficient to resolve this, or are there other factors at play?

There are multiple issues

Over voltage
Over volt protection not kicking in
Bios bugs that show wrong reading (e.g., bios was showing 1.1 but actual voltage was 1.4+)
Bios bugs that don’t save voltage settings correctly
Some bleed in circuitry in CPU silicon that can lead to over voltage frying the CPU

I think if you have an ASUS board and you set it to 1.3 even then you might be fucked as readings are not working and over voltage protection might not be working as well. It will be a slow cook of the CPU until it pops.

However, it will take a lot to get there so you might be good for a while. I would just try and get the May fix that AMD just announced.
By default this board was certainly smashing the voltage at around 1.37v with EXPO, assuming the sensors were correct and it wasn't even higher. 7700x has lasted since launch and seems OK, as in it seems to operate perfectly and there's no physical damage, but I have no idea if it has really been damaged or degraded. Lucky I've only had this 7950x3d for a couple weeks with barely any use because I've been so busy at work.

LoL first time running AMD and I've been very happy with the experience and performance so far.. I should have known AMD would f_ck it up somehow.
Will wait for patch to this patch given its AMD. :bleh:
Anyways, I hope this shit doesn't break EXPO in the process as most ram kits won't work with low voltage at stated timings.
My motherboard had a short in one of the USB ports. Started getting voltage warnings in windows and then the system wouldn't boot saying that it was powering down so the short didn't harm the rest of my hardware. Pretty annoying on such an expensive board. I checked Newegg and a bunch of other people have the same issue so it must have been a manufacturing defect. I'm bored and decided to shake things up a little. Since I had to rip down my whole system and replace the mobo I decided to buy an AI1300P power supply from MSI. My 1600 watt EVGA supernova has worked without error even with my triple GPU render monster and it's still running great 10 years later. Still, it's outside of it's 10 year warranty and I've been planning on buying a new power supply to get rid of that rats nest of GPU cabling and protect from 3X power excursions from the newer cards. I figure with SLI dead and high end cards being the size of a cinder block I really don't need 1600 anymore. 1000 would do it and 1300 gives me a little breathing room for the next 10 years.

I also decided to buy the XL version of the fractal define 7 series of cases. I love the define 7 but my mobo was too big for it and there wasn't enough space to use any radiator I want on the roof of the case. With the XL, it may not be tight and compact but it can handle everything and it's easy to work inside. I may seriously never buy a computer case again with this one. Build quality is great and the tower can handle anything you throw at it.

I also picked up a 7950X3D CPU. The extra gaming performance isn't going to be noticeable at 4k over my 7950X until 2 more GPU generations. I'm GPU bound at 80FPS with cyberpunk so I don't care about a 220FPS CPU limit because even if the 5000 series doubles my FPS to 160FPS it would still not be CPU bound by a regular 7950X at 185FPS. Not to mention my TV is 120hz so I can't experience anything that fast anyway. The main reason I upgraded was to test it and to satisfy my own curiosity. I know it performs the same as the 7950X in blender and it uses 70 watts less power and runs 10C cooler. I also have some 4K games that are CPU bound like Stalker Gamma / Anomaly which only use two cores and both cores are pegged at 100 while the FPS drops below 60FPS constantly limiting how far I can set the grass render distance. I was curious if the 3D cache might enable me to push things further. Mobo replacement should be in today so I plan to rebuild tonight with the new hardware and test it.