Offical Radeon VII Thread

Well, did some testing today:

  • The multiple PSU cables makes no difference, tested it in two computers with 1200W PSUs
  • The GTX1080 works at x16 on my X99 board, can't make it work on my Z390 board though
  • The Radeon VII works at x8 on the X99 board as well

From these test I have the following conclusions:

  • The Radeon VII is faulty or
  • ASUS has no love for new Radeon card on these specific boards, I have noticed the card is recognized as generic and doesn't display additional information in the BIOS like it does with the GTX

I don't want to try reseating the CPU, I need to make the GTX1080 to work again on the Z390 to see if it works at x16 somehow to eliminate that posibility, will probably try next week.

To bad I just gave away my old R9-290Xs, those were running at x16 on my X99 board
It is looking as though it is the Vega VII, but the x99 is 5 years old and it is entirely possible that it doesn't support the Vega VII.

You might want to throw an email to the Card's manufacture's support, as well as AMD, and Asus, see if they have any suggestions.
I have a feeling your VII is not a faulty card, but your X99 might be...maybe UEFI GOP compatibility issue possibility? I don't know. You can try test on different mobos (if your friends has any custom built PC).

Also, check your Radeon VII bios if needed to update necessarily.
Will try contacting ASUS about this, I'm pretty sure they will ask me to RMA.

I also checked and I'm running the latest BIOS for the card.
Although do you even need the extra bandwidth of 16x? Might not make any difference.
I don't think I need that bandwidth, performance is as good as it would get according to some benchmarks I have seen.