Obduction paired with AMD Cards possible issue


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Hi All

I know that many people may or may not play this game because it's pretty niche ... (no shooting) ... but i think it must be known...


A guy that have a pretty good system paired with a Fury 4gb seems to have problems vs nvidia rigs.Initially when i read the blog article:


There seemd to be just lower FPS with AMD cards vs Nvidia because the DX11 in general works better on nvidia but seems the issues goes deeper than that...
Just started for a short period and the game looks increadable and seem to have a nice atmosphere. I'm running it along with some light reshade @5K and it's butter smooth with a forced custom SLI profile.
Well ... looking at your no wonder it works fine...
There are hitching even on a single gtx 1080..Also i am curious what zone you reached ? In the first forest there is not so much hitching / stuttering..This will come later..
Also don't forget the "Resolution scale" slider. .. Set it to 200 and see what happens ... :P
Tell that to the dev's of Ark Survival Evolved ;) (altough I think that game uses more assets of UE4?)

Well I needed SLI comptablility flag 0x080000F5 to get SLI working, but it was smooth at the start with one GPU, but not a steady 60 fps. I'm only at the second part where the artifact set you at daylight for the first time. I think I leave the slider, alone :D And maybe for will go down later in the game.

It seems the game is very (V)memory hungry at it's current state. ( I have 12 gb V-ram and 32 GB system mem to spend and the 0x080000F5 flag scales great in UE4 for SLI (only UT alpha flickers with it)).
0x080000F5 -- i never had SLI so this number was a mystery until "bing" clear it for me...Maybe i may receive a 2000 euro rig that have a 100 euro worth value in leds and another 200 euro valued in cooper in the mainboard alone ... it will a funny ride for me...An adveture ... The most luxuriest mainboard that i ever had was an old 1156 Asus Maximus III Formula.


I remeber i payed 2 years for a combo mb+ram+i5 750 cpu = 190euros ...
I barely used any fancy future on it...I usually buy brand new in the 100 euro segment mainboars ...

There is another funny one i had to move the slider to 130 to make the GPU utilized 100% otherwise it stays 70% ... This GTX 980 says that " you throw at me things that are too easy" ... haha

1080p is still a funny resolution...one with plenty of surprises ... Hahahha
If i buy a gtx 1080 tommorow it will stay at 50% utilization... Just curious :)
There is a more general game thread in PC gaming section ...
This is suppose to be a more technical and specific thread

So should we be opening a new thread for every game here, which has some release issues on AMD graphic cards? And if so, the drivers forum is the better option.

By the way, the two links here were both mostly devoid of any info. First one is a typical web-forum thread, where someone mentions a hint about how the game *might* run better on an nVidia card, and the second is a blog-post by someone in developer's QA team posting his observations, talking about 10-15% or so worse performance on equivalent AMD cards (whatever that means)

I don't think, any website has benched the game on different GPUs so far.
I am not sure they (the sites) consider this worth benching especially ... The game is a niche one and was not so hyped as NMS or Doom ... Is not very comercial game.There are other UT4 games out there.You can find some people testing on youtube but that's all.
So the OP doesn't have a Fury 4gb or equal?

I posted this as an informative way...I personally don't have a fury.The reason was for this matter may crop up and atract IF it was a confirmed issue after all...On the other hand Fury pro was a rare bird before the price slashing imo.Also from this pool of little number of Fury users there is even less number that play Obduction.This game is for a niche.