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Anything particular to do in NYC. Going there for a 8 day vacation. Got tickets for broadway and ideas on visiting the natural history museum, maybe Central Park, shop at Times Square, and go to Bronx zoo plus garden. Also One Vanderbilt.

Anything else especially for 9 year old?
Take the John Wick tour. See all the spots where he shot bad guys. Oh and Statue of Liberty.
Be prepared for the the stink. Most of the city smells like old garbage. You get used to it. :lol:
Is it really that bad? I am only going to go there once so should be fine.
- Intrepid museum... Cool aircraft carrier that you can walk through, plus they have a coldwar-era submarine. neat stuff.
- Natural History Museum. Dinosaurs.
- Sleep No More. Cool interactive theater show.
- Trinity Place Restaurant. Eat good food in an old-timey bank vault.
- Twin Towers 911 memorial.
- Go to the top of the Freedom Tower. Trust me, it's worth the price.
- Walk through the Oculus. Amazing structure.
- Check out the Vessel, if you don't mind walking alot of stairs.
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Saw statue which was tiny and dirty. Saw intrepid which was whatever. Saw Moulin Rouge broadway which was pretty entertaining.

This is a mixed bag of a trip thus far.
Went to the Bronx zoo. Was pretty good time. Was like went to the hood, survived the hood and came back. Felt like f yeah!

Anyways there is a sweet deal for 7800X3D and MSI X670E tomahawk at MC in Brooklyn for 660 + tax. But when you factor in 30$ ride to and from MC (for a total of 60$), I am like, this will cost me same as to ship it directly from Newegg to my home in Dubai. F that!

New York is frickin’ expensive and everyone wants tips. They want tips for doing their fucking jobs. Wtf. Bring towels to my room, give me a tip. Replace soap in toilet, where is ma tip? Wtf with the tipping? Even receipts suggest 20% tip. Well eat my wang I am not tipping 20%. Dafuq?
Tipping is getting out of hand, they want a tip now for making a subway sandwich, that’s what I’m paying you to do for making it. I’m not tipping for doing your job. 20 percent for nice food joints is standard.
Saw the freedom tower. Meh. Burj Khalifa is where it’s at. Seems here you just pay more for less. Theme for everything I have done here.