nv15 Quake 3 map kicks me back to main menu


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I wanted to post this here because I don't consider it a serious enough problem for the tech support forum.

I put the pk3 file in /baseq3 as always, and since it doesn't show up in the map list, I used /map nv15 (as the readme.txt file also says). It loads the main "map name" screen but after finishing the "Loading map" or whatever it is (before you get the model icons at the bottom)...poof. Main menu. No error messages in the console.
Did you upgrade to the latest point release? If you did, no old demos will work.

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Has anyone else gotten it to work on a Radeon? I'm wondering cause I thought it was a map specifically designed for the GeForce cards. If so, then any recent optimizations on this map may have provided for it to work ONLY on the GeForce.

Just a thought... If I'm wrong then I never said it. ;)
They can't make the map ONLY work on the GeForce. They just put alot of Poly's and textures in it that would choke some cards.

Of course you did type /sv_pure 0 in the console beforehand didn't you? The nv15 map works on my system but It's slow on my little p2 400 (around 15-20fps in the big open areas). The developers went out of their way to add tons of polys and wide open spaces. I think it's more of a cpu test than a vid card test.
Fire up a good search engine and locate the S3TC Q3A levels that Diamond Multimedia did for their Viper II card. There's a modified Quake .exe file called dmmq3.exe that will also run the nv15 map.

It's quite detailed, and worth a look, but too slow to really play a game on. OTOH, the S3TC maps are very playable, and cool maps, to boot.

I just found out something I should warn you about regarding the dmmq3.exe - it reset all my settings to defaults, so you lose key mappings, binds, etc., unless you save your config file first!!!

The demo plays fine...but I'd rather walk around the level and take a closer look.

I'll look into the /sv_pure 0 thing. Be back in a sec to tell you guys if it worked or not...
Hey, I've got a lower post count...did some of my posts get deleted? I don't remember making any controversial posts in the last few days...

Anyway, I'm hoping for some more ideas. I'd still like to get a good long look at this level, you know. :)