nV Drivers thread.

Hope so. Every game I'm playing seems to crash after X number of hours. Valhalla would sometimes crash after 30 minutes. That game crashed heaps on these drivers. No error, just a quick freeze and then it exits. Dying light 2, that ran flawlessly on my first play through on some older drivers, however it crashed on me for the first time just now with this early play through. WD legion crashed once as well. All 3 games, same story, quick freeze, crash to desktop, no error.

Reading comments on the 527.56 Driver thread, others also point out the same problem however you see the same "crashing" responses on every driver release anyway.
This time it's bad. These drivers suck ass. I hope they launch a new driver that works otherwise I am rolling back. For Ghost Recon Breakpoint I had to use non Vulcan path to avoid crashes. NFS is completely off the hook. Sometimes I can play for hours and other times CTD. Only game that runs dope af is COD MW2.
528.02 driver is out for 40XX owners. Seems it's not available for 30XX owners even though it supports 30XX

Weird, seems to show now for 30XX. /shrug
New driver crashed DL 2. Going to disable DL DSR via CP, even though it wasn't used in this game but since all of you here have DL DSR turned on and are crashing and also try avoid ALT TABing out of the game which I tend to do a bit. See how that goes.
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I have been on 527.56 and had a few exits, no errors, in a few games. Dying light 2 and watch dogs legion would freeze and then go to desktop. I wonder if there is a driver issue.Have read others reverting drivers further back as they experience crashes in other games on 527.56 and 527.37.

How did you go reverting to 527.37?


Just searched, downloaded and ran. It didn't even tell me I have a newer driver installed.
I have had that before, can’t remember why. Do you have that bloat ware installed currently by any chance?
531.26 hotfix is out

NVIDIA "hotfixes" heightened CPU usage issues with the newest driver update, warning users that it is a "beta" level fix and not finalized