Not completely an Edge issue


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A few days ago I had a quickie power outage which seems to have corrupted some file or another that Edge uses. This in turn has caused problems with YouTube (constantly recovering webpage), occasionally typing in text boxes causes the same problem. So far it's isolated to these two cases with YouTube being completely unusable. Switching to Chrome has seemed to solve the problem.

When I run chkdsk it comes back with no problems.

I've deleted and reinstalled Edge via powershell with no change in problem.

As a side note I've also noticed an increase in Service Host: Cryptographic Service use mostly in CPU cycles. I used to have a constant use of maybe 10% now it's closer to 30.
Had not, doing so now. I need to catch up with what Win 10 can do. :/

Resource Protection found corrupt files but was unable to fix some of them and I have a nice log file.

Whatever repairs it did, did not fix the problem.
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