No Video In DVD 5.0 and AIW Pro


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System configuration is a socket 370 Celeron 1.3GHz running Windows XP Professional. The AIW Pro was installed using the "alternate driver" from ATI. MMC 7.2 and DVD 5.0 were instaled.

Everything was functioning perfectly until last week when the DVD player would not display video when playing DVDs; audio is okay, but only a black screen.

Troubleshooting revealed that all the controls in the overlay section of the advanced display properties were greyed out; I know these were previously working since the brightness control still shows (in grey) 10% which is what I had previously adjusted it to.

I tried uninstalling (DVD, then MMC then the driver), but ran into a problem uninstalling the driver (error was cannot uninstall older or non-ati drivers). Just to see if there was any improvement, I tried re-installing MMC and DVD 5.0, but the result was the same (audio, but no video on DVD playback).

I am planning to set aside some time to follow the procedures to completely remove all ATI drivers from the system, but I was wondering if anyone here had a more direct approach to addressing the issue of the overlay directly.

Thank You.
Open up overlay controls only when the video is playing(they stop being grayed out) and just click the (return to) default button. Always works for me whenever my video/overlay is messed up.
As stated before, the Overlay controls are only active when video is played, ie. the overlay is in use.
Uninstall all ATI software, and install the Windows XP drivers (from MS) for your card.
Reboot and reinstall the ATI driver.
Reboot and install MMC/ DVD
Reboot and check to see that it works.