No picture from Radeon AIW Digital (All-In-Wonder X800 Gt Pci-E)


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Hi everyone!
Yesterday I had a hard time trying to reinstall drivers for my All-In-Wonder X800 Gt card. Finally I did it. I also reinstalled MMC 9.16. Everything works OK with one exception, digital TV. MMC finds all DTV stations but I can hear only audio, there's no picture. All I can see is static black and white noise.
I wonder whether it is some kind of misconfiguration, bad driver, etc. or just the card doesn't support DVB-T MPEG-4 standard (I'm living in Poland).

Can anyone confirm or deny that All-In-Wonder X800 Gt card support DVB-T MPEG-4 standard?

Thanks in advance

P.S. Here is my configuration

Driver Packaging Version 8.321-061122m-038463C-ATI
CATALYST® Version 06.12
Provider ATI Technologies Inc.
2D Driver Version
2D Driver File Path System/CurrentControlSet/Control/Video/{A520D518-F844-47D4-A95E-B52E1E3F6E4E}/0000
Direct3D Version
OpenGL Version
CATALYST® Control Center Version 1.2.2516.38896
AV Stream (T200) Driver Version
AV Stream (T550 Pro) Driver Version

Graphics Card Manufacturer Built by ATI
Graphics Chipset ALL-IN-WONDER X800 Series
Device ID 554E
Vendor 1002

Subsystem ID 0322
Subsystem Vendor ID 1002

Bus Type PCI Express
Current Bus Setting PCI Express

BIOS Version
BIOS Part Number 113-A54305-102
BIOS Date 2005/07/08

Memory Size 128 MB
Memory Type DDR3

Core Clock in MHz 398 MHz
Memory Clock in MHz 493 MHz

Primary Display Yes
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The older AIW series cards do not have the hardware to receive digital signals. Like older TV's they have a single tuner with Analog only reception. I believe if you hook up your input to a digital converter box you can receive digital stations. They gave out $40 coupons for the boxes a couple of years ago and I bought 2 of them. Haven't had occasion to use them though, just upgraded my card to a dual tuner version
Thanks for the reply, but I do have a digital tuner build-in.
I am receiving DTV, audio is perfect just no picture.

In a meantime I did some research and it seems that ATI didn't provide correct codec for H.264/AVC decoding :-(