No driver tabs with new drivers.


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Hey guys, I never had this problem before & I'm sure a few others may have this problem.

No matter if I install the new drivers over my previous ones, or doing a clean install of the new drivers; there's no driver tabs. Is there any way to fix this guys?:)

I thought I start a new thread about it, since the new driver thread is huge.;)

Thanks for any tips. Kinda sucks not having any driver tabs.:p If it's a no go, then it's back to the Omega/plutonium drivers.
Okay so I got my tabs now. This is what I had to do, I installed the 6071's, it will probably work on other drivers too. Then I had to install the 6093's the old way through device manager. Clicked on installed drivers manually, picked havedisk, browse & then pointed to XP atiinf file & walla. Rebooted & there back. I wonder why the tabs don't install the normal way using the setup method. OHHHHHHH well.