No connectivity with RM II


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ok, after installing drivers from the cd, web, whatever, everything goes ok with the install, however, the remote will not communicate at all with the receiver. i see the little light inside the receiver lit, and i did the ID thing, heck its even on take signal from all remotes, and it still doesnt work right. do you guys have any ideas?

i have the original remote wonder on my other pc and that works fine. its just that this new remote wonder II that im putting on a PC im building for a friend isnt working right.
strangely, i hooked up my original remote wonder to this new PC and hey it works... its just that the RMII still doesnt work.. any ideas?
what drivers are you using? In device manager, are there two entries for USB receiver and Remote Wonder?

uninstall drivers
booting the pc with the receiver unplugged
when you get to desktop plug in the receiver and let xp (i assume?) detect it, search for drivers & install.