Nissan Frontier (‘16-‘19) any good?

It's a very old platform, but that is also why it's so reliable. Tried and tested. If I got one instead of the Colorado I'm about 100% certain I'd still have it.

That’s all I want at the moment :up: Just about everyone I know who’s buying newer always seem to run into one issue or another, so tried and tested just sounds refreshing at this point.
Those are reliable trucks. I see them all over with 100K plus on them. The interior has to be better than that old dodge you had. :P
I believe the Frontiers suffer from the same issue that the Tundra suffers.....they're old as **** and feel just like they did when they first came out some 14 or so years ago before its 2022 redesign.

Which is both a boon and a bust.....boon cuz its dead reliable and just works, bust cuz it feels so old and outdated (depends on how much you care about that though)

These trucks are good cuz they're also super popular outside of the US as well (Nissan Frontier = Nissan Navara, Toyota Tacoma is sort of related to the Hilux, but the Tacoma is more "built for the US" market)
clutch plates are too small and the 4 cylinder doesn't have the power for a automatic so get a 6 cylinder automatic

on my 3rd nissan frontier 1998, 2012, 2016 and a 1986.5 hardbody

got 275000+ miles out of the 1986.5 hardbody and 185,000 out of the 1998

my 2012 was rear ended and totaled at 47,000 don't let a frontier get rear ended with a trailer hitch on it bends the frame above tha rear axal:bleh:

i got 57,000 on the 2016 and it is fine 4 cylinder but it doesn't like to back up with a work trailer with weight so i don't do it
as it will burn the clutch plates if not very careful

but i don't think i would buy another one for work with gas at 4 bucks and on the way to 5 or 6 a gal
i only get about 19 miles a gal with all the tools and about 14 with the work trailer
i've been registered for a f150 ford lightning from day one but i think they will be harder to get than a 3080 strix at msrp
As long as it doesnt have that **** jetco cvt you're good to go my sis has owned nissans and thankfully only drives stick since the day I taught her. Had a bud who had a frontier as well and he loved it. Solid little trucks as good as the tacoma imo but def not heavy duty.
Those are reliable trucks. I see them all over with 100K plus on them. The interior has to be better than that old dodge you had. :P

That old Dodge is comfortable as heck man :lol:

I’m pretty much sold on the Frontier guys, unless another model crosses my path that’s just too good to say no too.

What I’m seeing here and literally every review I have watched or read:

1. Quite reliable
2. Very dated (but so am I lol)
3. Decent towing for what it is, just don’t overdo / overload it too often.
4. Still some decent (relative to other models) deals around that won’t wreck the bank.

I’ve got a couple picked out that I’m looking at over the next couple of days.

As always, appreciate the feedback guys :up:
I just test drove a 2016 with 50k miles on it, a few options, nothing special and it’s exactly what everyone says it is. Just a nice, solid, but boring and dated mid-size pickup truck.

It’s fairly comfortable, but I’m getting hung up on the size. The dealer has some deals on each of the big 3 as well, so I’ll head back tomorrow and drive some of those. It’s also supposed to be sunny, as opposed to the deluge we’re getting now. Inspecting a vehicle in the driving rain just isn’t fun.
It’s official. Bought the one I mentioned above.

Appreciate the feedback gents :up: