Nintendo want's you


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If your programering in your free time(games that is).
Contact Nintendo!
The big N is serching for smol starting software company's ho wanna ern some extra money.
If you have the telent you gona get a fenantiel injektion off Us$80.000,- to Us$160.000,- :eek: if you design a game for the Cube or GBA.
"N" did this befor, the company "Game Freak".
What is now known as project Pokomon.
Damn I wish I had some skill's to creat a cool game.
80.000 minimum shure sounds sweet ;) .
That's not a whole lot considering the amount of work that you need to do if you plan to have a small team of 5-10 people... You'll burn that in no time. It doesn't seem like Nintendo would want shareware quality games for their systems either...