Nikon D500 sample images out on Imaging Resource

The ISO 1638400. Lol. That's some LNA gain! But ISO 25600 doesn't look bad for lower resolutions...posterized but definitely usable.
Welp, finally got some in stock in Canadastan and I actually found one on sale
as a local store was having a sale on everything :D

Let me tell you, this is the new standard...

I am actually having fun taking pictures of things I do not see...
Too dark to see, camera acquires focus no problem.
10 FPS (sounds like more when I shoot it next to a gripped D300).
Out of camera ISO6400 with NR at normal is absolutely usable.
Tried a few shots at 12800ISO and they are still nice, color and contrast wise,
but are losing some detail.
Also, noise is actually nice... Like film grain vs rainbow skittles of a few years back.

I firmly beleive this is the last camera I will ever own...

Will keep the D700 for portrait as full frame defocalises more.
D300 is retired after 96,678 pics :D