Next Upgrade


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I might go back to intel though depending

Kt266 DDR Motherboard
AMD T-Bird 1200@1500
256-Pc 1200
SBLive! Platinum 1.5
All-In-Wonder Radeon 32mbDDR
Pioneer 16x DVD
Cd-RW 16x Yamaha
Super Cooler Water Cooler
17'Montitor Dragon Eye Sceptre
Zip Drive 250mb
Logitech Pro Cordless
10/100 Nic With DSL 640-down 128-up
2-60gig Hard Drives and 1 80gig Fire Wire Drive (For Recording Shows)
2 Ultra ATA/100 Controller cards
2 4 USB ports
Subtonic Case(Cool Front Usb Ports
WIN 98se
SoftWare- 4 new games I have only Half-Life and StarCraft