<Newbie> Remote Wonder and the mystery of the Volume/Channel buttons…


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This is my first post, so be gentle ;-)

I have recently bought a generic (PowerColor/FuturePower) ATI All in Wonder X600 (PCI Express) card, complete with Remote Wonder remote control.

This sounds like a really stupid question, but here goes….How do you actually get the Volume +/- and Channel +/- buttons working on the Remote Wonder?

Hardware wise, everything seems OK, I can launch the EazyLook software, and it seems to respond whenever I press a button on the remote control.

However, whenever I press the Volume +/- or Channel +/- buttons, the EazyLook software displays some form of Electronic Program Guide (channel, date, time) at the bottom of the screen, rather than actually changing the volume or TV channel.

I’ve noticed that I can somehow change the channels using the Up/Down/Left/Right arrow buttons, but this seems to activate some form of ‘Pause live TV’ function (TV-On-Demand?) which I do not want….

The individual numeric buttons on the remote seem to be hit and miss: some seem to work, some seem not to work… I’ve also noticed that only the A, B, C… keys can be configured/re-configured, and even then they do not seem to support the channel change function…

Am I missing something? Is the software working correctly? Can I actually change TV channels etc. from the remote? or do I scrap the remote and opt for a wireless keyboard instead…?

Any help/guidance would be most appreciated…

Thanks in advance.

(P.S. I am using the latest drivers/software downloaded from the ATI website…)