New website about Remote Wonder


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I've made a new website to centralize any information about Remote Wonder. You will find :
- product description (short)
- drivers
- all known plug-ins
- some links

The website is quite basic actually, but I will add a lot of information in the next couple of days. Any suggestions ?
Thanks !
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looks like a really nice place. i can't think of anything that you're missing.

good job...
Updates and Zoom Player Plug-in

Updates and Zoom Player Plug-in

I've completely relooked the website, added some information, links, and corrected a lot of mistakes :-)

+ a new Zoom Player plug-in by RyLoS

Have a look
yep, just a small error :-)
all is right now... thank you !!

And as an official ATI member, what do you think of the concept of my website ?
I hope that I've respected ATI copyrights, but if not, tell me ...
No problemo, I'm gonna add your Album List.

Your plug-in is for Winamp, isn't it ??? If so, I will add an information along with Winamp plugin, because it's not a plug-in for Remote Wonder, as PowerDVD plug-in is ....

Great job, and I hope that a lot of other people will add Remote Wonder support to their softwares....

Maybe I will add to the site an non-exhaustive list of softwares supporting Remote Wonder without the need of a plug-in