New version 0.9.9 of RW Key Factory available


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I just found a new version of the Remote Wonder Key Factory has been released the 13th of december.

Here's the changelist from the authors website:

New features
  • Free keyboard combinations in Advanced and Toggle:
  • The actions are of 3 types:
Simple - Simple combination of a key and a set of modifiers, similar to previous versions of RW Key Factory. The modifiers now include the Win key.​
Advanced - Advanced action, that has unlimited key combinations for each of the RW Key press types (On, Repeat, Off). See 3.5.1​
Toggle - Each RW Key with this type of action has a state - it can be turned on or turned off. Both of these transitions (Off->On) and (On->Off) have unlimited key​
  • Changed UI to accommodate these additions. (or

Thank you very much Jan Klir for making this wonderful plug-in, providing it as freeware and for improving it time and time again. :) :)
I'm very happy with it.