New TV

Looking for a new TV for the basement -- between 55-60" -- nothing larger.

I have two other Samsung LED smart tv's in my house -- a 32" in the bedroom and a 40" in the living room.

I have been out of the tv game for a bit -- torn between a plasma and a few different LED's -- all Samsung. Plasma seems like great value for the dollar. It is going into a basement that doesn't have much natural light.

Seems to me I can get a Plasma for half the price of a similiar LED?


Here are some I am looking at, big delta in price point -- I am comfortable spending a couple thousand but if its not worth it I would rather not.


Samsung UN55F6300 : $1378 (Smart, not 3d)
Samsung UN60FH6200 : $1698 (smart, not 3d)
Samsung UN60F6400 : $1998 (smart, 3d)
Samsung UN60F7100 : $2398 (smart, not 3d)


Samsung PN60F5300 : $998 (not smart, not 3d)
Samsung PN60F5500 : $1198 (smart, 3d)
Samsung PN60F8500 : $2998 (smart, 3d, real black pro panel)

If you can get a GOOD plasma, I'd probably suggest getting that, especially since it's going in a basement.
My brother has a 50" Panasonic Plasma in his room at his frat house and the picture quality is really really good.
Thats the plan now.

Are you going to be getting a new receiver/speakers and all that jazz? Or just the tele.

I'll be very curious to see what you get :)

I am tentatively in the market, also looking for a new house and car down the road, trying to make sure I have all the numbers crunched :lol: