New TV Wonder Software/Drivers


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Hello, I have the following problem: he ATI Video Player provided with the ATI-TV Wonder may display a green screen when run.
Other symptoms include very long delays in launching the VIDEO PLAYER or long delays changing channels.

The workaround on the ATI tech support site recommends reinstalling the software everytime you want to use the TV tuner. This works but it's a real pain. I was wondering if anyone has the new ATI TV Wonder software, since I'm hoping they have solved this problem in the new release. If you have the new drivers/software, please post a message on this forum and tell me where I can get it, or email me at [email protected]. Note: I've already sent in my request for the New Software CD on the ATI site but I don't want to wait 3 months to get my TV wonder working properly.

Thanks in advance, Tim.
Try the LightSpeed2000 site. Look for CD13. It has TV player 2.0. It still has the extreamly slow load, or kill and reload the drivers everytime, problem.