New to me winter beater/tow rig

Gotta say, I already really love this Jeep. I've driven other Jeeps before, TJ's, but this is just such a nice driving vehicle, love the power, and the AWD works great. Fuel economy could be better, but I'm glad I bought this to be my 2nd vehicle to the Miata. Hopefully it's reliable for me, I'm putting the work in now hoping it pays off in the future.

Got my phone mount installed. Decided to get a 15w wireless charging phone mount for my OnePlus 9 Pro, since the head unit is wireless Android Auto.

Got the Travall dividers installed, and the dogs fit back there great, and even love being back there.
Refilled the rear diff oil and went for a drive again, much improved, there's still a slight whine around 60-65 but it's much quieter than it was before.
Finally towed with the Jeep today, it wasn't bad. Could use some sort of load leveling in the rear, but otherwise it towed this like nothing was there.