New SBlive drivers


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Just saw some new SBlive drivers posted over on Ntcompatible. Might be worth a shot in these SBlive troubled times


Just did a quick test on these drivers - I nolonger get sound stuttering when copying huge files !
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Hi there, what link are you refering about there is one that says "SBLive WDM Driver" (whatever that is) dated 18 april and another bellow that says "Soundblaster Live 5.1 Drivers", dated 17 april, that only have links to win NT and win 2000 osystems while mine is win98 se, so wich do i download???

By the way i have a SBlater 5.1 Platinum, MANY THANKS. :confused:
I'm guessing you should get the 5.1 drivers as the other
drivers are for any other Live! series card..

but the 5.1 drivers are only Windows 2k / NT drivers..
you could try the other ones, but i'm not sure..

I only have the Live! Value II so I used the WDM ones..