New counterstrike tonight


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Hello there

The server files has allready been released so we are just waiting for the client files now. :bleh: One thing I noticed in the changelog for the _server_ files is this:

- Fixed framerate problem on some ATI video cards. :eek:

Could anyone shed some light on this ? :hmm:

Anyways didn't won't to start a big thread about the movement change or anything just wanted to know what that is. ;)
I was curious when i saw that on the changelist as well.

I alreday downloaded my dedicated server files, im all giddy for the client!
They are probably just going to make "ati_npatch 0" the default setting instead of "ati_npatch 1". Will disable truform on cards that have to do it in software.

...Just a thought. We'll see tonight.
CS 1.5 now allows you to use 1600x1200 in openGL!

I've still got 100fps with 16X aniso at 1600x1200 (no smoothvis), although fps does drop to ~70fps at some parts of the new piransi map. It drops to *minimum* 35fps when u're getting spammed by smoke grenades. Still playble, though getting kinda low.

I don't notice anything different other than new res and map.
I noticed that it's a bit faster for me... I used to get 50fps, now it's 72fps (and it'll be even more once I do max_fps 100 [I think that's it]). Other than that I can't tell a difference at all.