New chipset drivers


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For Win 11 apparently. (September 13th, 2021)
Release Highlights

Windows 11 support added.
Known Issues

Manual system restart required on Non-English OS after the installation is complete.
Windows Installer pop-up message may appear during the installation.
Uninstall summary log may incorrectly show uninstall status as fail on non-English OS.
May observe a pop-up message "AMD Chipset Software is not responding" when the installer is launched and UI screen is clicked.

This driver package contains the chipset drivers for AMD Ryzen processors for best performance and energy-efficient operation on Microsoft Windows.

The following AMD CPUs are supported:

AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Desktop Processors (Zen 3)
3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Desktop, APUs & Threadripper (Zen 2)
2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Desktop, APUs & Threadripper (Zen+)
AMD Ryzen Desktop, APUs & Threadripper (Zen)
7th-Gen AMD A-Series Processors
The following AMD Chipsets are supported:

X570, B550,
X470, B450,
X370, B350, A320,
X399, TRX40
The Chipset Driver Download package includes:

AMD Chipset Drivers
AMD Ryzen Power Plans (required for UEFI CPPC2 in Windows 10 May 2019 Update)