New car time, Porsche are not all that


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Test drove a Panamera 4 Sport Turismo and Cayenne S. I'm not interested in the rest of the line up due too small cargo or too impractical.

I never realized a Cayenne is simply a heavier raised roof Panamera, very little difference in how they felt and looked when driving. Both were very refined and nice but I felt zero passion steering them. They steered numb and isolated like my RS7; which is exactly what I don't want.

I'm looking for a drivers car with real fun to drive steering feel and road engagement. BUT it must still be useful and have tons of modern bells and whistles, example, Miata, 911 or Lotus are a hard no go.

Stelvio is next on my driving list, hope it doesn't disappoint.

Did you drive the new Cayenne S? It is supposed to be refined and not really a driver's car (think Soccer moms).
You can opt for a 2022 GTS instead which is more driver focused.
I have a Cayenne S and it is fine. It is not going to win any trophies as it is only 440 PS (434 HP). New one is around 480 PS (468 HP). The GTS I am referring to is 460 PS (45X HP).

Regular Cayenne is a drag because it is too heavy and small engine. New model seems better but when I drove the 2022 regular Cayenne it felt like a slog. Not sure what you are looking for in an SUV platform. Even the Range Rovers are not fast enough. Only thing that comes close to a sports car like feel would be either Lamborghini Urus or the new Cayenne Turbo GT. The old SVR Range Rovers or Jaguar F-Pace might also be decent (didn't drive them though but regular ~400+ PS Range Rover Sport was a slog as well).

You can also opt for a Taycan Cross Turismo that gets you some boot space and electric batteries. But you will pay for it as well.

Stelvio Quadro whatever is around 500+ PS so it should be interesting. I think same engine as the saloon. But I hope you aren't paying "new car price" for such an old design and tech.
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Are you looking for an SUV?
How about an Aston Martin DBX?

Im not sure what your pricerange is but im guessing its in that upper premium segment with 100k cars....?
I thought he was hovering around the 100K mark but DBX is much more expensive. Also extremely overpriced for what you get (infotainment from 2012/13 era lol).
Yeah, $100k or less is preferred. Used or CPO is ok.

I drove a used 2020 Stelvio Ti. Overall pretty average and definitely many steps below my RS7 in all categories except.... holy hell that Stelvio handled like nothing I've ever driven. Love love love the quick steering. Gives a very connected to road sensation. Most nimble vehicle I've driven besides a go-cart or Formula Ford racer.
I was hoping the steering wheel would also transmit mega road feel but not so, it was only average.

So there it is. I don't think there is any better handling to be found at this price point (besides full on sports 2 seaters) but shame the overall Stelvio package does not equal in quality to its steering and handling.

Not sure what I'll do. I was hoping to trade in the RS7 before having to dumb $$$ of brakes and tires into it.

Are any of the Mazda SUV worth looking into? Mazda always brags about 'driving'.
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Mazda is severely underpowered for the money you pay. Do try the Cayenne GTS.

Another one that felt great was Macan GTS. It’s closest to a Cayman feel that you will get. Very sharp steering and with sport mode it is a brisk little thing. Boot space is respectable as well. Also just under 100K.
I've given up on a 'steering' and 'handling' vehicle. One really needs to go true small sports car if you want that but I want storage room so SUV is a must. I drove pretty much every smaller SUV on the market, the Stelvio is the best for handling but rides too harsh and lacks features I wanted.

So I've gone full compact luxury instead and will be buying a Lincoln Corsair. It definitely is the best, smoothest riding, is 2nd quietest and lots of trunk space cause the rear seats can slide way forward. I really want the PHEV version but its powertrain is 2-3 decibels louder than the all gasoline version and quiet is extremely important to me. The GV70 was really nice and quietest but only with the I4 motor, the V6 was much more noisy and crude; plus the Hyundai service is crap and the I4 does not come available with all the features I wanted. Acura RDX would be my 3rd choice but driving it that whole car screams Honda average, dull, plasticy, and boring.
So you bought the overpriced Edge. Can’t complain. Have had Edges for 15 years. If they made another one I would’ve traded up.

Compared to hassles with my Porsche owning a Ford seems like a dream.

Great choice.
The GV70 was really nice and quietest but only with the I4 motor, the V6 was much more noisy and crude; plus the Hyundai service is crap and the I4 does not come available with all the features I wanted.

I had the Genesis GV70 2.0T AWD Sport Prestige (basically all options for the 2.0 motor). Other than HUD what were you missing? Full leather?

plus the Hyundai service is crap

​​​​​​Is it? 3 years complimentary service is pretty good. Here we have a standalone Genesis dealer and they seem to be pretty up to par.
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