New car in driveway


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Bought a used car last night. No pictures yet but they're on the way. Until then this video is of the exact same car. Except my car has grey and black interior. Grey leather seats.
My daughter turns 15 this year, and is asking me what kind of car I'm going to get her. Looks at used car prices. Nothing dear, you get nothing anytime soon. :lol:

Congrats on the new ride!
maybe it's like that over there, not here though. I had to work my @ss off to buy my car(s)

oh im totally in agreement with you.
They should work for their own car.

My statement was more in jest (a little hard to tell based on the conversation)
Yeah, I bought my own too. $1900 Honda Civic Hatch. I think that "beast" had 75hp, and 130,000 miles on it when I got it. I put another 100K on it before I sold it.
Same here :cry:

The frustration is real. The only vehicles I can justify the price on are ones I don't want. Whether due to make/model, or mileage or age.

Hopefully something comes back to a saner pricepoint soon. This is just ridiculous.
My first car, no where as clean as this one, mine was a rust bucket, same color though:o Borrowed money from Pops and paid him back.

1976 Monte Carlo