New AMD tech at computex


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I watched the whole thing out of curiosity. Looks like focus on AI full steam ahead. Some interesting tidbits on perf of MI300 and its next 3 gens... and looks like AMD may be able to compete with Nvidia on that front as raw perf is impressive. Making bank on server at 33% share now. 9000 gen looks ok but of course may only make sense with X3D models later on for gaming. AM5 socket given life till 2027+ so Zen 6 will probably end up on it. No news on navi 4 but wasnt expecting it. Probably we'll see it over the summer maybe at gamescon or some other gaming convention...
Their longer term goal must be to eventually get rid of the X3D parts. The gap between the 7700X and its X3D equivalent were already smaller than the 5x00 series.