New 650 drivers = new USB prob?


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Well, the 8.5 drivers came out late last week, & I wanted to give it a few days of trial before posting anything... After a rocky install in Vista 32 Home Prem SP1, with a Gigbyte AM2+ board with the AMD 770 chipset, things seem OK. It'll likely be another day or two before I can say anything about XP Pro SP3...

With new 650 drivers, unfortunately pci USB problems *May* have come to Vista for some folks - install locked the system so it needed to be powered off, before restart. Afterwards my SanDisk Mini-Cruzer (used for ReadyBoost) showed driver problems in Device Mgr. Updating drivers etc did not work for the USB stick, though removing (uninstalling) the device in Device Mgr. did the trick. SO far, other than noticeably longer boot times into Vista (which I'm still trying to track down), haven't detected any problems.