.Net and C++ Disassemblers - Advice needed


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Lo there. I'm looking to disassemble a few of our products to see what information can be gleaned from them by our competitors/ne'er do wells. I've been looking around but haven't came up with much.

I've tried the Dis# trial (http://netdecompiler.com/) which works to an extent but seems kind of hit and miss as to whether it populates some of the functions. It's supposed to be a fully functional trial but it just populates some of the methods with "//trial". Also I don't seem to be able to dump the source or search it. :/

I've had even less luck looking for a similar tool for C++.

Basically what I'm wanting is to be able to build the source code from an un-obfuscated exe (.Net or C++) or dlls, and be able to search/regexp through for certain text strings or at least be able to dump the source to file to search through it myself.

Obviously I'd prefer freeware or a functional trial but I could wrangle a purchase if a tool is good enough.

Any help is appreciated, cheers.