Need ya guys help !!! 'cos SB LIVE really sucks!!!


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Other than it eats my CPU, i found that the Sound Card System Clock stability is -0.05%, which result in a degrade of gaming and DVD quality.

I wanna take a new sound card, which have a good Sys Clock stability. If anyone of ya have ATI MMC, u can check ur sound card stability in the ATI Multimedia Launchpad which u can find it in the Control Panel. The lower part of the MMC setting have a test program. y dont ya test it and post up the result including which sound card u 're using so ppl can judge which sound card is the best and we can afford it -.-"
hi i have just chucked my SB-LIVE 1024 in the bin and got a Hercules Game Theater XP this card is great it sounds 10 time better than the live and also uses next to no cpu power.

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