need to check if a system scheduled task in windows behaves the same for you


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I'm trying to disable wake events on certain scheduled tasks that were set up by Windows .
There's something called "AUFirmwareinstall" task under Microsoft> Windows > windowsupdate folder that doesn't allow me to change any settings. It gives me a "Task Scheduler service is not available if I try to uncheck "wake the computer to run this task" under the Conditions tab.

I'm wondering if I have malware or something that's screwing things up .
I have this task on my Windows 8.1 laptop but it's disabled at the moment.

Considering the error you're receiving have you checked the Task Scheduler service is Enabled and running on your computer ? You can check it into the services.msc MMC console or through Powershell :

Get-Service Sch* | Select DisplayName,Status,StartType

on mine :

PS C:\Users\[myusername]> Get-Service Sch* | Select DisplayName,Status,StartType

DisplayName Status StartType
----------- ------ ---------
Task Scheduler Running Automatic
alright, thanks for your input guys.
i believe i upgraded from windows 8.1 to windows 10...maybe that's why it's giving me issues.