Need someone with PHP knowledge


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I'm having some minor problems with a site where my novice php skillz don't suffice, so i'm asking if anyboy here got too much time on his hands and is willing to give me some tipps/help on this one. Thank you very much. :heart:

Site luxneb[AT] MSN / 168745095 ICQ
				// Start add - Pics Dimension/Size Add-on
				$pic_dimension = getimagesize(ALBUM_UPLOAD_PATH . $recentrow[$j]['picfilename']);
				$pic_width = $pic_dimension[0];
				$pic_height = $pic_dimension[1];

				$pic_size = round(((filesize(ALBUM_UPLOAD_PATH . $recentrow[$j]['picfilename'])) / 1024), 2) . ' ' . $lang['Kb'];
				// End add - Pics Dimension/Size Add-on
(Second line ist 352)

Images are fine, as you can see in the normal gallery.