Need some help with a DDC issue of my monitor...:)


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Hey guys,

I have two beautiful Compaq P1220 CRT screens which have been working fine since I got them.

However, recently my secondary monitor's DDC is not working. It is now considered a Non Plug-and-Play Monitor (which is my primary monitor --and the second one till now-- have always been considerd PnP).

Anyway, I can force install the monitor drivers but the maximum refresh rates are not recognized.

So, I know that the DDC on the monitor is messed.

Now, i've managed to find a really neat application called WinI2C-DDC; this allows a user to edit their monitor's DDC (via the VGA cable).

I had no idea this was possible, but it could be the key to checking if the DDC is merely disabled (for some unknown reason) or if their is damage of some sort.

The only snag is that WinI2C-DDC requires programming knowledge; compile a program based of code/syntax provided in the suite.

Unfortunately, I have no real programming knowledge. So if someone is willing to assist me i'd appreciate it plenty.

There are C#, VB, VC and Delphi samples provided as well.

I'm hoping someone will help.

r2rX :D