Need recommendations for good entry-level camera

I'm looking for suggestions on a good camera in the ~$500 range for someone wanting to get into photography.

Budget can increase if there's something really worthwhile outside of $500 dollars.

buy a used camera, say a Nikon D200 and a 50mm 1.8... either they get into it and will upgrade, or they don't and they've bought used and got it for after the parking lot discount so should be able to re-flip it for not much more...

The low light capability will suck on the camera, but for $500 is a good built body and can take old lenes as its backwards compatible... the lower models, like D3000/D5000/D7000 are not.
A DSLR with a good lens will make wonders for someone
learning the trade.

Do not spend money on zooms yet, get a good portrait
lens as a starter.

However, are you suggesting this as a gift for someone starting
from nill, or someone looking at photography for a while?

If so, what do they plan on photographing?

If able, get a D300 with a 50 1.4D It will be a tough
setup, able to take a beating, but still deliver amaising
pictures. The beer pic on the beer thread was taken with
exactly that.

If they are looking into landscape, then a 35MM F2.
Sports? 85MM F1.8.

I know this is a bit more, but that setup will last 10 years
and still be relevant...
Thanks for the recommendations guys. Ends up I will not be around for Christmas (so I can't shop used either) so I ended up buying a Nikon D3100 with a couple lenses off Amazon.

I had a gift card so it seems like a good deal for less than $400.
Should be a good start. Be sure to try the manual, aperture, and shutter priority modes.

From mobile
Thanks, it's for my wife and I'm going to get a friend of ours who shoots weddings with her Nikon help get her started.