Need Help with website


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I'm making a website for a Farmers Market, and they want to be able to easily and frequently update a "Vendors Page" that would have the vendors name/info/photo. The page would be a big list of vendors with this info.. I know this requires a database, but does anyone know of a free web service that could power this? There has to be something out there. I'm just not sure what to search for I guess..

Wordpress could actually do the job, and easy enough for anyone to use. Just trim the fat from any theme you plan to use or make.
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I've never seen a hosting service that offers LAMP/WAMP for free. Just go with 1&1, or AWS. They're both pretty cheap, AWS is usage based and 1&1 has cheap hosting. Might end up being cheaper to go with AWS than traditional hosting, but the cost is usage based and can scale as needed.