need help whit RAGE PRO MOBILITY M1 AGP ...


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hi guys...i have a portable pc Acer,Pentium 3 , 840mhz , 256mb ram , capacity 28GHz , win 98... my video card is RAGE PRO MOBILITY M1 AGP .
i have try to install DirectX9 for tryng some good game... all the test of directX9 done well ,but the direct3D9 test no work because the driver video cant support and the pc say to refresh driver.The question is..what can i do for refresh my video card?i can refresh it? pls someone help me...

p.s. srry for my bad english.. :p
If this is a laptop computer, there is nothing you can do.

I recommend selling the laptop on ebay, and use the money towards a new laptop.
I've run into this issue. The generic drivers will usually not work. You will have to get the drivers from your manufacturer. If they don't have drivers that support DX9, then you're pretty much hosed.
thx for info big-z :)

what driver i have to install? rage pro or rage 128?
my video card info is:

ASIC: rage mobility
ID ASIC: 4c4d
BUS: agp1x,agp2x

version BIOS: 4.234
BIOS date: 2001/03/02

Dim Memory: 8.0M
Memory type: SDRAM

file driver: ati2drab.drv
Version Relase:M6.10.102-T04

driver date: 2/8/2000

im not sure what driver is better to install :(

if u can tell me i really really thx you!!!


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