Need Help using All-in-Wonder Pro 8 MB with XP SP2


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I am trying to use the AIW Pro 8 MB card with Windows XP SP2 Home edition. I have already tried the suggestions for Rage Pro cards on Big Z's website. I installed the 5.10.2600.6010 driver, and then installed the MMC 7.2 software. I am able to use all of the MMC functions EXCEPT the TV tuner. When I try to open the TV tuner, my computer freezes. Ctrl+Alt+Del or Esc keys do nothing, and I have to restart.

I have DirectX 9.0c installed, and this is the only video card installed in my computer. I have set the AIW Pro as my primary video card on both the BIOS and in Windows.

How can I make the TV tuner work?
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